About Us

Our Mission

The mission of The Wynners Club Online Course is to help entrepreneurs create longevity in their business by creating a solid business plan.  


Additionally, we work to support entrepreneurs in developing communication skills, networking, and pitching investors.


Problems vs Solutions

Problem 1

Entrepreneurs are struggling to create a fully-thought out business plan to support sustainability due to lack of business acumen.

Problem 2

Entrepreneurs are not connected with the necessary professional services (i.e. accountant, attorney, insurance, and business banker).

Problem 3

Startups are not getting funding from traditional and non-traditional lenders.

Solution 1 - Coaching

TWC Online Course offers participants 10 -weeks of guided business coaching and support in creating a business plan and pitch deck. 

Solution 2 - Connection

TWC Online Course incorporates business coaching from small business professionals including an accountant, attorney, marketer, and business banker.

Solution 3 - Capital

TWC Online Course offers a pitch competition where participants are able to pitch their business model for a cash prize to be used for their business.

Our Team


Kristina M. Wynne, MPH

Course Creator & Lead Instructor

Business Plan & Pitch Deck Creation


Jerome' Holston, MPA

Program Manager


Strategic Partnerships & Program Administration


Dr. Adam Callery

Instructor & Coach


Specialty: Operations 

Dr. Rhonda Henderson

Instructor & Coach

Specialty: Marketing & Sales


Brandon Pendleton, MBA

Instructor & Coach

Human Resources


Mark Yates, MBA

Instructor & Coach

Specialty: Accounting