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The Wynners Club
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A cohort style program created for entrepreneurs who need a fully developed business plan and pitch deck.

What do our Alumni have to say?
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Victoria Young-Wilson, President & CEO of NUE

Kristina and The Wynners Club Online Course were life changing for me!  The course was an excellent resource in helping me truly flush out a lot of the challenges I was having as a serial entrepreneur.


Brian Gregory, Owner of Mello Freeze

I own an ice cream shop and Sept - March is my off season.  My plan was to spend my off season digging into the business and trying to systematize everything and prepare for growth; overall, just looking to be less stressed in my business.


The online was the perfect solution for what I needed in preparing for growth and it was awesome being apart of a community of other entrepreneurs working on their businesses as well!  We became one big family.

I would recommend this course to anyone else looking to upgrade their own business.


Rachael Stewart, Owner of Amaris Counseling

I can into The Wynners Club Online Course and I pretty much started from scratch in my business.  I came in with a business, but I had a really good idea and education!  

The course helped me really flesh out my ideas and make them a reality.  I didn't think of mental health services as a business, so going through the process of learning the financial aspect and staffing helped me to think bigger!  

6 months after graduating from the course my clients have more than quadrupled and I have 8 other clinicians who work for me.


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